Story Listening for
Teams & Organisations

Clinics, Experiences, Workshops
& Graphic Facilitation
by Digital Storytellers

Most of us now realise the value of good storytelling - to be able to convey authentic and emotive experiences, is to connect with people in a much deeper way.

An ancient skill, with modern applications, stories give us an unparalleled capability to navigate change, make sense of the world, and chart a path forward that is equal parts inclusive, insightful and inspiring.

At Digital Storytellers, we have built a culture of creating impact through storytelling, the kind that helps amplify the good work happening in the world around us. Over many years, we have taught the craft of storytelling, often using accessible and smartphone technologies in both 1: few and organisational environments.

However, what we've found is that - to navigate the challenges of our time - we don't just need capable and purpose-driven storytellers. We need leaders who can combine story telling, with story listening - one of the three core pillars of what we call: Story Leadership.